Mulch For Sale

At Tree Definitions we offer mulch for both residential and commercial customers. If you are located in the Roleystone area, you’re eligible for discounts on our mulch.

What is mulch?

Mulch is a type of protective ground covering placed around plants in order to help retain moisture and block weeds from growing. Mulch is usually made from organic materials, like bark or wood chips.

Of course, mulch is useful for a lot more than just protecting trees and plants or trapping moisture. Well-chosen mulch will help keep the earth beneath cool, so plants can grow better. It will prevent light from reaching the soil, which inhibits the growth of weeds (and saves business and homeowners time and money on weeding). Over time, well-chosen mulch will decompose and help fertilise the soil. For many people, the natural fertilisation which mulch provides is one of the best benefits of using it in the first place.

From a landscaping design point of view, different kinds of mulch enhance and add to the aesthetics of any garden bed. For example, the most common kind of mulch – chipped bark or wood – comes in many different colours (mostly variants of red, black, and brown). Wood-based cover decomposes more slowly than other commonly used mulches, so it’s also easier to maintain.

If your home or business features an outdoor play area for children, mulch can be safety critical. In a playground situation, the mulch is responsible for protecting kids who climb on the structure from possible injuries and falls. Wood chips are suitable for situations where children might fall as much as 3-4 metres.

When should I mulch?

In general, the spring is the best time for mulching – it lets you put down a good weed barrier before they start growing. A 5-15cm dressing on top is generally recommend as a minimum, but at least 10-20cms are needed for good moisture retention.


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